May. 22nd, 2017

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Just plonking this post here until I can write something proper.
I'm vidding as my photos aren't coming out so good (really grainy and I think I've done something stupid to the settings on my camera and can't find out how to fix it. Plus it's taking forever to load the vids to Youtube but if you want to see them my channel is here. Vids will be appearing over the next few days.

JIBLand photos with Tom Ellis (what a sweetie!) here.

Fangirls post-JIB - we'd just sung Carry On my Wayward Son to our boys. Jensen teared up at least twice on stage, and gave us a heartfelt speech about the difference our fandom can make to our own and other people's lives. He also gave himself some freckle love and showed Misha his underwear, shook his tackle around and told us he was dressing left today. We laughed until our cheeks hurt over Jared and Misha's influence (again). The whole event was bloody fantastic and we got a Daniela-promise that there will be another one next year. I'm starting my savings pot now because I can't NOT go.

Anya, Eva, sinfulslasher, herminekurotowa, stellamira, xlittleangx, Wendy, me, Alex, dizzojay.

I will post my other photo ops tomorrow or after I get home.
amberdreams: (Bum)
Too good not to share - sorry the vids are over exposed - I have no idea what I did with my camera settings so couldn't fix it yet. I need to see if Youtube can edit it, but as it took nearly 24 hours to upload I'll wait till I get home! LOL


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