Apr. 14th, 2017

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 Listening, or rather inactively listening to the radio at 6am while falling back to sleep does give rise to some interesting and weird dreams! Mine started off with an inspection of the crater caused by the US MOAB, but it was somewhere most definitely not Afghanistan, seeing as how it had lush green vegetation and black tufa rocks. So from that, I'd say it was one of the Azorean Islands I had in mind. That and Clarence's jungle! Our horrified inspection was brief and not very traumatic because we then wandered into a small town and were greeted by the cutest little fat puppy ever. He was a solid pointy faced little feller with a pointy whirly-gig tail, though, strangely, I noted that his otherwise normal tan fur had a kind of oily, petrol-like, multicoloured sheen.

We moved on and went inside a complex of wooden buildings that were a cross between a conference hotel and a craft shopping centre. For some reason, we were then looking at a buffet of home-made food, and Angela had brought some stuff that looked like cake but turned out to be some kind of open sandwich with beetroot and a cheese I'd never heard of. Very tasty! Then that morphed into clearing up plates and other catering debris from different rooms, while gazing through the windows at a swell of glassy water that threatened to overwhelm the building. It was beautiful - all turquoise and gleaming in the sun - but also terrifying! Luckily, I was distracted by a souvenir shop, and another adorable pupster who wasn't furry at all because he was actually knitted!

Then I woke up to hear the radio had been talking about taking dogs to work, as well as the bomb and sport and the like. So that's where all the puppies came from. Hey ho, brain.
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 Well bum. I was halfway through a rec post on DW when I stupidly closed the tab. With LJ when it offers to restore from the draft, it works. It doesn't work with DW. All I got back was the title! Argh! *sigh* Starts again...

I have been so busy with weekends away, gallivanting at sci fi conventions and ice hockey, which has meant I've been very remiss over spnspringfling. It's high time I did a rec post, and I'm slipping this in just before the reveals.

Obviously I'll start with my lovely art gift, In Another Life. I can't remember my prompts but I love what this artist did with the idea of another universe where things would be different for our boys, I was also really interested to read other people's comments, because there were different interpretations of the picture. Which is one of the things I love about reversebangs - the way that every picture does tell a story, but that story can vary so much depending on the POV...

I know there were more flings I loved than I'm listing here, but here are a few I remembered to bookmark. In no particular order:

Hear Me : I'm a sucker for a good End!verse fic, and this is certainly a good one.
a rabbit as king of the ghosts : this one sums up the appeal of Springfling in the way it drew me into a pairing I wouldn't normal read (or consider) and made it work. Plus it has some wonderful insights into Sam's psyche that I loved.
we are all somebody's monster : this one is almost a perfect Sam and Dean fic, and the look inside Dean's head is marvellous. I love that after all these years, people are still writing fic that is so inspiring.
Will the Circle be unbroken? : I love the flow of this one, the imagery, the emotion. it's another perfect Sam and Dean fic.

Starcrossed : the artist is obvious and the art is glorious.

There were many more but I don't have time to go back through and I didn't make a note of them at the time, dammit - so apologies if yours isn't here. Hopefully I did remember to comment on all the ones I read. Oh and thanks to anyone who read and liked my offering. Looking forward to the reveals!


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