Jan. 28th, 2017

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So very sad John Hurt has gone. Not prematurely exactly, though 77 isn't that ancient these days, but still before I was ready to say goodbye to that wonderful rich voice and marvellous acting talent.
I believe he has four more films in the pipeline awaiting release, so that's something to look forward to. Funny to think he's starred in two films I could never watch again - Midnight Express and Alien - because I found the first too harrowing and the second too scary/bloody.

What an amazing back catalogue he leaves behind him.
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I thought I'd do a sillie82 special rec post of all my favourite sillie creations as a Happy Birthday celebration - so please join me, go and leave her some love on each and every one of these lovely artworks! I've posted thumbnails here - just click through each one to go to the relevant LJ post. Feedback is awesome and a gift that is so easy to give (especially when someone is as talented as our girl)!
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Trust him. He's the Doctor.
And how bloody awesome to hear that Portland, Oregon are defying Trump's Islamphobic anti-immigration policies and have pledged to keep their doors open to all. Along with 37 other cities. This gives me hope for the future.


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