Jan. 25th, 2017


Jan. 25th, 2017 03:47 pm
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Went to see Lion today - now that's more like a film! It had a story that you wanted to follow, characters you sympathised or empathised with, it was wonderfully acted - child actor, little Saroo, you are effing AMAZING! In addition, it had some mightly fine eye candy in the shape of the beautiful Dev Patel *melts in those dark, dark eyes; longs to run hands though that glorious hair...*

So yep, I enjoyed that one ten times more than LaLaLand.

Totally unrelated but amusing - Paul's bother came round the other day and mentioned that he now works with a chap called Andrew Violens (pronounced violence). Sadly, Brian D'eath and Phil Fear have both retired, so Tony can't tell VAT defaulters he will send round Fear, Death and Violence to sort them out.An

And another unrelated aside - I had a stupidly emotional moment this morning, parting with all my sporting paraphinalia but in particular, my hockey sticks and bag. The charity shop came round to pick up seven bags of clothes, bedding and suchlike, and for a brief moment I clung onto my stick bag and nearly didn't hand it over. Even though I know damn well I'm never going to play hockey (or squash, or badminton, or cricket) ever again. Doh. What an idjit.

Well it's all gone now.


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