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Master List of Fic
Incomplete list, I'm gradually adding to it when I get a moment. And due to the original post getting too long, I've had to split it up! So you will find:

SPN Gen Part 1 - long fic HERE

SPN Gen Part 2 - short fic HERE



Drabbles and other things

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Master List of Arts - the masterlist is very much a work in progress right now, but while I'm constructing it, you can find some of my more polished art on deviantart.

Bonus Sam and Dean as baby racoons Here

Things to Do List - wherein I try and keep track.
2016 Things to Do List
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I was on tumblr the other day and I came across some writing advice in the form of a long list. I didn't make a note of the blog I was on, or copy the list itself but basically, it went along the lines of:
By all means, include African Americans in your story - BUT do not presume to tell their story, it is theirs to tell.
Include Native Americans in your story but do not presume to tell their story, it is theirs to tell.
Include gay men in your story but do not presume to tell their story, it is theirs to tell.
Include transgender characters in your story but do not presume to tell their story, it is theirs to tell...
and so on.

I'm sure you get the gist, and the point they were making.

At first sight, I was nodding in agreement - this is merely an extention of the old adage 'write what you know', isn't it? So yeah, I could see some validity in what they were saying. But then I got to thinking. Surely, by the time I'd eliminated all the categories of people in their list whose stories I was not qualified to tell by dint of being who I am, the only protagonist remaining for my stories would have to be a short, fat, middle aged white woman.

Who the hell wants to read about me? I (and everyone else) would be reduced to self insert fic, which I abhore.

I feel suddenly I'm sounding like a Daily Mail reader, but surely this is political correctness gone mad.

Or am I missing something here?

Feel free to pitch in!

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My artist friend Lois, who I met last year when we both painted pigs for the sculpture trail, makes a living by running art workshops as well as by selling her paintings and papercuts. I've been thinking about trying one of her workshops for a while now and when I saw she was running one relatively close (only 30 mins away by train), and that it was about working with dark and light tones, I thought I'd give it a go.
Dean in blue crop

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I haven't done this for a while but for my own reference if nothing else, here's some BB recs so far...
zara_zee's Gladiator, A Love Story
riyku's Fair Winds and Following Seas
clefink's Muse FM
cherie_morte's Shipwreck Between Your Ribs
But as I'm sure everyone was going to read those anyway given that they are all such awesome BB veterans, so how about one possibly less well known
shadow_cat's Untitled Superheroes - that is a pretty damn good superhero romp and I enjoyed it a lot.

Non BB recs - El Dorado by nigeltide. I'm in the middle of this one at the moment and it is really very good. It's an SPN western AU and creates a wonderful sense of the period. Sam and Dean are apparently unrelated and become acquainted early in the fic, and the story so far is a slow burn, watching their relationship develop from Dean's POV. I'm waiting to see if it turns out they are brothers, though so far it looks like it could go either way. Well worth a read!

And a late addition from summergen Children of the Ressurrection
It's a perfectly lovely outsider POV set in season 8, and the outsiders are so well drawn you are pulled into their story quite happily. Winchesters are a bonus!
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big_heart_june posted a rather lovely gif, which made me want to try out my watercolour pencils. So blame June...and check out the gif because it's yummy.
I do like these Inktense pencils!
Dear artist Flisties - any concrit/tips on how to continue are very welcome!

I might finish this tomorrow, but now I'm off to take Paul to see Despicable Me 3 and get the Minions to make him laugh. The boy needs it. Toodle pip, my darlings.

This is the gif btw

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A friend on Facebook issued the following challenge.

Tomorrow is the bicentenary of the death of Jane Austen. Read more... )
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Imgur still pic...ok, that works.
I'd totally forgotten about this one...LOLRead more... )
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I'm sure this idea has been around for a while, but I only just saw it, and as the only pics I could find were crappy quality, I made my own. Kudos to the folk who thought of it though, because it's fecking genius.Read more... )
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More things you didn't want to know about me LOL
Snaffled from dizzojay

Do you make your bed? What for?

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I may have had entirely too much fun with this dress up Castiel game by brightfallenstars....Click on the image to go to Deviant art and play!Read more... )
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Last week I did Dean, so this week it's Sam's turn. The prompt was a word - villainous. So I had to try Samifer, and then I had to gif it. I'm still not very slick at this animation business but it's fun.
DW weekly-2 villainous-1.4 tease
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Jul. 11th, 2017 10:57 pm
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Somebody please explain to me WHY anyone would want to do this to themselves.Read more... )
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The view from our breakfast room in Lincoln...Read more... )
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I kind of feel I should apologise - I keep gifting you with not very good art because I fail at planning ahead and so end up doing your birthday pressies at the last minute. Oh well. It's green, and it's Sam so I hope you forgive the scrappiness my dear quickreaver! LOL
Have a wonderful birthday with lots of cake and indulgences.
2017 QR bday Sam crop
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We arrived in Lincoln mid afternoon and laboured our roundabout way up to the old Bishops Palace to find our rather marvellous accommodations...
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Originally posted by [ profile] spnreversemod at Coming soon!
Hello everyone! :)
comingclean 2017 SPN RBB banner-Mary
Just a head's up that thespn_reversebang is preparing for action!

The full schedule for 2017 will be revealed later this month, but right now we would like to announce that we'll open up sign-ups on AUGUST FIRST!
So, artists: start brooding on ideas (don't panic yet; you'll have plenty of time to be creative after signing up:) and the rest of you authors and supporters get those pompoms ready!

And spread the word!

Your mods
amberdreams, quickreaver & beelikej
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Yesterday we went to Stonham Barns for a mini history festival with several re-enactment groups. We could only stay half of the day as Paul had to get back to Dad-sit so his brother could have a bit of a break from the appalling miserable git, but we still managed to fit in four displays and walked round the whole encampment.

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Our first week's challenge for [community profile] DRAWESOME  is to start from a curve and do something fannish.

Curve for DW Draw-1.1 crop
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I see Photobucket has decided to bugger up everyone's posts by trying to hold us to ransom and charge for the previously free 3rd party hosting. Well sod you, Photobucket. I'm not paying $100 or more per year simply so I can use you to display gifs on LJ. So bye bye Photobucket.

If anyone is looking for an alternative photo storage site, I think I might have found one that seems to offer what Photobucket used to offer. It's called Photoland and the link is here. What I'm not sure about is whether they impose any limits on the amount of Gigs of data you can store there. They do limit how much you can upload per day.

Now to start transferring all my gifs etc off Photobucket.... *sigh*. I won't be going back through old posts on here because that would take forever, though if I come across one that has the dreaded Photobucket notice instead of a nice pic or gif, I'll see if I can replace the HTML.

Why can't these sites leave well alone?!



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